Date and time functions

Edit Report a Bug. I ran into an issue using a function that loops through an array of dates where the keys to the array are the Unix timestamp for midnight for each date. The loop starts at the first timestamp, then incremented by adding seconds ie. However, Daylight Saving Time threw off the accuracy of this loop, since certain days have a duration other than seconds. I worked around it by adding a couple of lines to force the timestamp to midnight at each interval. The following script will do the conversion either way.

Dates and Time

How does one write a date on the Web? There are so many formats available, most of them incompatible with others, that it can be a usability nightmare to choose a date representation when writing for an international, cross-cultural audience, as is the case on the web. Fortunately, there is one solution in the ISO-developed international date format.

The worst potential usability problems come when the date is written only with numbers as in the following example, because the date’s interpretation will be different from one country to another. In most cases, writing the date in full letters would be better than the example above. For example, “3rd of April “, in this international format is written:

Various SAS language elements handle SAS date values: functions, formats and informats. SAS time value: is a value representing the number of seconds since.

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Current river levels

A geodetic datum or geodetic system also: geodetic reference datum or geodetic reference system is a coordinate system , and a set of reference points, used for locating places on the Earth or similar objects. An approximate definition of sea level is the datum WGS 84 , an ellipsoid , whereas a more accurate definition is Earth Gravitational Model EGM , using at least 2, spherical harmonics. Other datums are defined for other areas or at other times; ED50 was defined in over Europe and differs from WGS 84 by a few hundred meters depending on where in Europe you look.

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Winnipeg references river levels by James Avenue Datum, meaning we determine river levels using data from a gauge located on the Red River at James Avenue, just north of the Forks. While James Avenue is the City’s main gauge used to determine river levels, there are also other monitored locations along the Red and Assiniboine rivers across Winnipeg. To view past river levels data, use the arrows on the calendar.

You can also select a different month or year by clicking on the month and year that are displayed on the calendar and graph. The long term mean winter ice level at James is Winter weather impacts survey sites, leaving some sites unable to provide timely data or offline completely. Survey sites should be back to full function in spring.

DateType Field

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DateType Field: A field that allows the user to modify date information via a variety of different HTML elements. This field can be edit this page. DateType Field.

Important: In JavaScript Date objects, months are indexed starting at zero and go up through eleven, with January being month 0 and December being month To create a new Date object, you call the Date constructor with the new keyword, with arguments to specify components of the date. These arguments take the form of several numbers corresponding to the different properties of your date.

When using the Date constructor with the date data type, you only need to specify the Year, Month, and Day. The Date constructor can also take the form: new Date Milliseconds , where Milliseconds is the distance in milliseconds of the desired date from January 1, UTC. For dates and times prior to that date, a negative number of Milliseconds would be given. Using the Date constructor is useful when manually constructing your DataTable using the addColumn , addRow , and addRows methods, as well as the arrayToDataTable method.

However, if using JSON to specify data, the string representation needs to be used. The JavaScript Date constructor can also accept a string representation of the date as an argument. This string can take several different forms. The formats for these are:. Warning: The string representation in the Date constructor may be parsed differently by different browsers and different versions of browsers, thus returning different dates for the same string.


This section describes the functions that can be used to manipulate temporal values. Here is an example that uses date functions. Functions that expect date values usually accept datetime values and ignore the time part. Functions that expect time values usually accept datetime values and ignore the date part. Functions that return the current date or time each are evaluated only once per query at the start of query execution.

This means that multiple references to a function such as NOW within a single query always produce the same result.

The date and time data types datetime, duration, and calendarDuration support efficient computations, comparisons, and formatted display of dates and times.

Found a typo or an error? Want to improve this document? Edit it. Need support or have a technical question? Ask support on Stack Overflow. The date filter formats a date to a given format:. The format specifier is the same as supported by date , except when the filtered data is of type DateInterval , when the format must conform to DateInterval::format instead.

P5: Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange

This definition comes from an agreement between the United States of America and Canada. Heights on the traditional benchmarks are also available in CGVD These heights come from a readjustment of the entire federal first-order levelling network.

In an effort to reduce the effects of flooding, Congress created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in The Federal Emergency Management.

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Dates and Times

All five date and time functions take a time string as an argument. The time string is followed by zero or more modifiers. The strftime function also takes a format string as its first argument. The date and time functions use a subset of IS date and time formats. The julianday function returns the Julian day – the number of days since noon in Greenwich on November 24, B. Proleptic Gregorian calendar.

As of JDK , the Calendar class should be used to convert between dates and time fields and the DateFormat class should be used to format and parse date.

One of the main goals of this effort is to more accurately define the boundaries of flood hazard areas, which are determined by comparing flood elevations with digital elevation data. To ensure that all the elevations used are based on a common reference system, a FIRM must reference a single vertical datum.

The main assumption used to create NGVD 29 – water level is equal all along the coast and thus represents the same zero- later proved to be erroneous and was shown to create errors in the elevation data obtained using this datum. This means that using the outdated vertical datum, two different points measured at 0. In the NFIP, the vertical datum is crucial because all elevations need to be as accurate as possible and referenced to the same zero point.

Otherwise, surveys may show different elevations for the same point, which could result in flooded structures and losses. The old FIRMs i. We can now more accurately measure vertical elevation differences using the new official U. When did the Vertical Datum Change? Elevations in NAVD 88 for floodplain management and flood insurance purposes e. Who is Impacted by the Vertical Datum Change? The change in vertical datum affects all those using FIRMs or submitting applications for building permits or environmental licenses in Broward County, including engineers, surveyors, developers, homeowners, lenders, insurance agents, realtors and floodplain administrators, especially when comparing elevation data on the new FIRMs, produced using NAVD 88, with data on older FIRMs produced using NGVD

Height Reference System Modernization

The resulting value includes the year, month, and day, but not the time. The elements of type time create input fields designed to let the user easily enter a time hours and minutes, and optionally seconds. The input UI generally varies from browser to browser; see Browser compatibility for further details. Among browsers with custom interfaces for selecting dates are Chrome and Opera, whose data control looks like so:. A DOMString representing the date entered in the input.

To date, this process has been carried out twice, once in and again in Page 6. The two sets of self-consistent GPS-realized coordinates .

It allowed the interpretation of dates as year, month, day, hour, minute, and second values. It also allowed the formatting and parsing of date strings. Unfortunately, the API for these functions was not amenable to internationalization. The corresponding methods in Date are deprecated. Although the Date class is intended to reflect coordinated universal time UTC , it may not do so exactly, depending on the host environment of the Java Virtual Machine.

In UTC, however, about once every year or two there is an extra second, called a “leap second. For example, the last minute of the year was 61 seconds long, thanks to an added leap second. Most computer clocks are not accurate enough to be able to reflect the leap-second distinction. GMT is the “civil” name for the standard; UT is the “scientific” name for the same standard.

Stata: Data Analysis and Statistical Software

This content cannot be displayed without JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript and reload the page. In truth, modern-day reference frame transformations have become increasingly complex to better accommodate time-dependent processes such as plate tectonics and other geophysical phenomena. In fact, many modern frame transformations extend the classical 7-parameter Helmert transformation to complex parameter formulations, which augment the original 7 parameters with their time derivatives.

It uses the GRS80 as its reference ellipsoid. Since

Information about the Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of are available on-line at the Geodetic Reference Systems web site.

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