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Linear slide rules are what you may think of as “normal” slide rules – straight scales with a sliding section and usually a cursor. But they still come in all sorts of weird and wonderful variations, from tiny to big, and single to multiple sliders. Scale lengths in my collection range from 36 to mm 1. Accuracy ranges from 2. Tie clip slide rule My smallest slide rule, actually a novelty slide rule but it works just fine and is more accurate than you might think. Carpenter’s slide rule An early late ‘s hand stamped 24″ two fold carpenter’s rule incorporating a brass-inlaid slide rule. Classic Coggleshall log scales on top. The first widely used standard form for a logarithmic slide rule is the two-foot, two-fold design devised by Henry Coggeshall around This one by John Rabone and Sons of Birmingham would have been made in the late ‘s.

Hemmi Duplex Slide Rule Retailed by Post (Versalog 1460)

The object of this invention is to provide a slide rule having a hard antifriction and non-absorbent surface which will avoid the expansions and contractions due to changes from dry to moist or moist to dry atmospheres and facilitate the movement of the slide. In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view of a slide rule embodying this invention. In the form of embodiment shown in Figs.

One bar of the stock 1 is composed of a base layer a; and a top layer 6, the latter being provided with a groove or slideway c on its inner face and the other bar is composed of a base layer 03 and a top layer 6, the latter being provided with a slideway or oove f on its inner face. The slide 4 is composed of a base layer 9, a top layer h and side layers 91 and 9′ disposed vertically of said base and top layers and covering the edges thereof.

Buy Collectable Engineering & Surveying Slide Rules and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay Faber Castell Slide Rule 1/87 Rietz Date Code 52 In Wooden Storage Box Sun Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rule No.

Post sold a wide variety of slide rules, both under its own name and under the names of various manufacturers. Post itself actually made no slide rules; even those rules that bore the Post brand name were manufactured by others. Until about , Post slide rules were made by a variety of German manufacturers. There was little consistency in catalog numbers until the mid s when ” was assigned to the top-of-the-line inch Mannheim rule.

Even though suppliers changed several times, continued to designate the best inch Mannheim rule until Post discontinued all inch Mannheim rules except student models in the s. In Post began buying all of its straight slide rules from Hemmi Keisanjaku in Japan. Except during World War II, Hemmi remained Post’s exclusive supplier of slide rules until slide rule sales ceased in the s. After Post became Teledyne Post in , slide rules were sold under both the Post and Teledyne Post names until In , the Frederick Post brand name disappeared and the Teledyne Post ’44’ numbering system was introduced.

Teledyne Post ceased selling slide rules in the mid s. Dating Post Brand Slide Rules. Before , Post brand slide rules were made by various German manufacturers. Samples of these rules are so rare that we have not been able to formulate any principles for dating them.

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Our collection database is a work in progress. We may update this record based on further research and review. Learn more about our approach to sharing our collection online.

Object Title, Slide Rule. Manufacturer, Hemmi Slide Rule Co., Ltd. Date of Object, Unknown. Model, 40RK. Serial Number, C. Dimensions, 28 x x 1 cm;.

Guide – Hemmi Date Codes. Greg’s Slide Rules. After Hemmi dropped the ‘Made in Occupied Japan” logo in about they began placing date codes on certain rules. This code took the form of a two letter code marked somewhere on either the top or bottom of the rule. This code gives the year and month of manufacture and allows the rule to be dated fairly accurately. Depending upon the age of the rule the code may be in a different location.

Older Post Versalog rules will have the date code on the top of the rule following the “Hemmi Bamboo – Japan” and they will be coloured. Here is a sample: Late in Hemmi moved the date code from the top of the rule to the bottom near one end of the rule and stopped colouring it. To find the date code you need a good strong light and sometimes a magnifying glass as the imprint is very small and quite faint.

I was unable to get an example to show up using a scanner as the markings do not stand out at all. Code Details. There are two code segments, The first letter indicates the year of manufacture, the second letter then indicates the month of manufacture. Year Code: A. Samples Explained.

My Slide Rule Collection

Hemmi No. P “Business” Slide Rule. Duplex bamboo body rule, with leather case, with full manual.

variant reports of the K&E cessation date: “early ‘s”35;. “”36; “”34, Hemmi quit producing general slide rules in the early s, but continued to.

My first serious rule was a Hughes-Owens Versalog model. Wonderful instrument! Went to the army for two years, and when I returned there wasn’t a slide rule in sight. My HP saw me through my degree and my first years in the aerospace industry. Anyway, when I became aware of the date codes, I wondered why I couldn’t find mine.

Now I know. I bought a new Post Versalog for technical college in There is no serial number or date code to be found. I still have the storage case for it. Where can I find instructions for use? I have which was a required purchase in my first year of undergraduate study in Engineering Just today June 24, I became curious as to the manufacture date of the rule.

Sun Hemmi No.80K bamboo slide rule for electrical engineers

Dating slide rules by the chemical data they provide. Slide rules are not the core of my collection, which consists mainly of mechanical calculators and planimeters. Yet I could not resist the temptation to buy a Nestler Chemiker 33 slide rule.

Post Versalogs are my choice for the best all around slide rule. such as rules that should have serial numbers that don’t, rules missing date codes, rules VERSALOG THE FREDERICK POST COMPANY HEMMI BAMBOO – JAPAN. 0.

I bought my first scientific calculator in a Decimo E, ‘Electronic Slide Rule’ and my ‘analogue calculator’ rapidly gathered dust. It was only about two years ago that I renewed a latent interest in them and started to explore the many superb resources available, which prompted me to purchase a selection. I wouldn’t describe myself as a collector, I bought one example each of styles and of makers that particularly interested me and my ‘collection’ has stopped at eleven.

Making examples from published templates is also fun. Some of these are illustrated below and, given the wealth of authoritative material available on the makers and models, I just add some comments on why they appeal to me and point out some major features. A selection of Web and other resources are offered at the end which discuss their history, manufacture, use, makers and their models.

Their relative sizes and weights can clearly vary quite widely, dependent on the model style, materials and number of scales. This model is regarded by some as one of the finest slide rules ever made.

Hemmi 153 Duplex Slide Rule

The story of Bill Hewlett’s iconic computer in a pocket. I don’t in fact have either one, so it could be that the plastic is marvelous in the flesh. I simply refuse to believe that I wouldn’t prefer mahogany or bamboo. Or even….

Sun Hemmi Post Versalog Slide Rule Here is a very rare Sun enigma as it has two different date codes, BD on the side with Versalog and BH.

Sun Hemmi electrical ten inch slide rule. Popper fastening black, cloth covered, card case. Sun Hemmi duplex ten inch slide rule. Tan leather case and celluloid sheet of tables. Dates from s. Sun Hemmi No. Complete with black card case and English printed instruction booklet.

Chemical slide rules

Other Slide Rule dates are currently in development. Assistance in this effort will be appreciated. Please refer to the museum library and individual galleries as this page is being built. Example: St.

Hemmi Model 8 Pocket Slide Rule with Magnifying Cursor. Hemmi Hemmi 50w (Hughes-Owens , Post ). Hemmi 64, Date Code HH, August.

Interested in finding out more out about such calculating wonders? Then try one of the slide rule related articles often light-hearted I have published. Go to the search papers page. Part of unusual limited series made from high pressure laminated HPL wood with metal inserts – patent no. Slide chart designed as planisphere by Dutchman R.

Harling – upside-down scales on the slide probably a design feature when inverting the slide – read more Seg Ly. Serial no. Little known French maker Drancy, Paris – plastic models similar but forerunners to Graphoplex – unusual wide body – top LL scale not standard for Rietz giving a somewhat unconventional scale layout. Robust military grade OEM for J.

PZ Seiko 6138-7000 Slide Rule, original owner, Vietnam era bought

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